El despierto 1

(...) about the artwork of my friend Jorge Miyagui, here is one of Jorge's most recent creations, a breath-taking painting that shows a Buddha-like figure with the face of an ekeko, a figure in Peruvian popular culture derived from an Andean deity of abundance and prosperity. Hanging from his neck is the image of Armando Amaro, one of the nine students disappeared from La Cantuta University during the Fujimori regime. The Buddha-ekeko is holding a set of keys, which were unearthed near the clandestine grave where Armando's body was found a year after his disappearance and confirmed that the charred and mutilated bodies were those of the La Cantuta students. The red flowers near the top are stylized images of cantutas, Peru's national flower, which have come to symbolize this heinous crime, for which Mr. Fujimori is now serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Jo Marie Burt 2010

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